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History of Xavier London

          Since then, Xavier London has continued to expand. With an average of 25 students per year, we’ve moved from Holloway Road to the East End’s Queen Mary University of London, and now to the Kensington neighborhood.

          As the number of students has changed, so have the classes, activities and excursions we offer. 

          Based on student feedback, we condensed our program and moved it forward several weeks. This is a new chapter in Xavier London's history, and we can't wait to share it with our students!

        Xavier's London trip is one of the university's longest running study abroad programs. It was first started in 1999 by Honor’s Program Director- and Professor Fiorelli’s doppelganger- Dr. E. Paul Collella. Back then we were in North London’s Holloway Road, a quick walk from Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium (Go Gunners!) and Father LaRocca's summer parish. Initially, the program was very small, with only five to seven students per trip, but it quickly began to grow.

        In 2002 Professor Fiorelli visited Dr. Korros  and Dr. Bertaux in London and was immediately impressed with how much the students were learning specifically because they were in London and how they were maturing by being in a metropolitan and multicultural city. Two years later he taught his International Business Law class for the first time in London, and he became the program director in 2006.


Students from 2012 enjoying a flat meal at Queen Mary Univeristy.

Xavier London Study Abroad students eating dinner
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