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Xavier London 2.0

       One of the best parts about Xavier is our emphasis on innovation and our culture of mindful change. Our London program is no different. When we first started, we had approximately five students per trip and stayed in North London’s Holloway Road. Since then, we moved to Queen Mary University in the East End, have had up to 40 students on trips. In 2018, we moved the southwest corner of London, and now limit enrollment to 25 students.


New Time

       Many of our students told us they wished our trip was earlier in the summer so that they could work, intern, or travel during the later part. Our new start date will be May 21, 2023-June 11, so students will have two and a half months after the trip ends for other plans.

New Location

       Because of our earlier start date, our past residence is unable to accommodate us, as their students will still be in the dorms. We will now be tentatively scheduled to stay at apartments and taking classes at AIFS's Kensington campus. Some highlights of our new home are being near Exhibition Road's Victoria & Albert Museum, Science Museum, and Natural History Museum; delicious restaurants and cafes, and several public transit spots. 

Lower Costs

       One of the benefits of having a shorter program is a lower cost! Students will be able to take three or six credit hours for less than it would cost to take them on campus. This year students in the University Scholars Program will be eligible for a $2000 grant, and other scholarships and grants can be seen on our Finances Page. We are happy to make this trip more financially accessible to students and thrilled with the chance to add more members to our Xavier London family!

Fantastic Core-Friendly Classes

       This year we'll be offering two classes. Students will be able to take Business Law 300 (BLAW 300) and/or an English course which will count as Literature and the Moral Imagination(ENG 205) or Literature and the Arts in England (ENGL 376).  BLAW300 is a required course for all business majors, but typically one-third of the students are non-business students. This course also satisfies the focus elective for E/RS, or is a DCR or GDST elective.  In 2018, several nursing students took BLAW300, because it satisfied the E/RS focus elective, and allowed them more flexibility in what humanities elective they could take on campus.

Business Law: Taking BLAW300 in London is a blend of the on-campus course and experiential learning.  Our out-of-class experiences include having briefings at BP's corporate headquarters from one of their ethics officers and corporate social responsibility directors. We'll also read a book by Michael Woodford, the former head of Olympus called, "Exposure: From CEO to Whistleblower", and have dinner with Mr. Woodford and his family.  Finally, we'll use the plays "Wicked" and  "Les Miserables" to analyze course concepts of diversity, and comparing legal and ethical issues.

Literature and the Moral Imagination/Literature and the Arts in England Literature and the Moral Imagination (or ENGL 376: Literature and the Arts in England, with slightly different assignments) will offer students a perfect opportunity to be immersed in what are arguably the best works of English literature written in the city that made them famous: London!   We will enjoy a play by Shakespeare in perhaps the most ideal location: on the stage of London’s Globe Theatre, along with world-famous actors.  Additionally, modern British works will gain a clearer focus through the lens of modern British life.

       While our program is evolving, many things will carry over from previous trips: we’ll still have high quality courses and extracurricular excursions, our faculty will still be experts on the ins and outs of the city, and we expect lots of smiling faces in our photos! We are excited about our new path and hope you’ll join us!

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