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Days Until London!

London 2023 


Doctor O'Leary and I are optimistic that we will be traveling to London during the summer of 2023.  There is no guarantee we will be able to travel in 2023, but if we can, we expect a strong pent-up demand for this program.  If you are interested, I recommend you apply and complete all your paperwork as soon as its available, because we are limited to 25 participants, before we go to a wait list.  We will make our final decision before February, 2023.


The classes we will be offering are Literature and the Moral Imagination (English 205), and Business Law(BLAW) 300. These core-friendly courses will integrate London as the backbone of their syllabus to create experiential learning not possible anywhere else. We will watch plays at Shakespeare’s Globe, explore museums and discuss the ethics of curation.

But don’t think that this trip is all work and no play! We incorporate London’s culture and history as much as possible, which means we’ll see West End musicals, have fabulous group dinners, and live like locals in London’s South Kensington neighborhood.

We will soon have informational sessions for you to learn more about the trip, but in the meantime you can learn about the program’s historycosts, and read parent testimonials about the program’s value

I'd  also encourage you to like us on Facebook, check out our Pinterest boards, and follow us on Instagram. We'll have reminders of deadlines and scholarship opportunities, ideas of what you can do in London, and during the trip we'll be posting pictures of everyone having a great time.

I hope you’ll join us in London,

Teaching Professor Laura Powell

225 Smith Hall, (513)745-3096

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